Friday, January 16, 2009

Along with the rest of the world I made the resolution to "lose weight". A co-worker and I went to weight watchers. After carefully looking over the new "magical" plan to finally lose those unwanted pounds we embarked on our first week. I was so careful with each mouthful I took this week. I ate the dreaded broccoli...hardly had any bread (that alone dang near killed me) and turned down pizza and cake at work. I met my friend and confidant Aleta for a bite to eat and catch up on the news of the day and even then I was good...I ordered a rubbery chicken breast (you know the kind) chewed real slow and pretended it was awesome. Oh how I wanted a greasy cheeseburger and fries. Still I hung tough. I just knew the payoff would be worth it. Each day at work my ww buddy would share with me how she did the night before. She was worried that she had blown it by eating out at the Chinese restaurant a couple of times this week. Well...the moment of truth finally arrived. Our first week weigh in. While standing in line one lady announced she had lost 5 pounds....another lost 4 pounds. Cheers went up when one lost a whopping 8 pounds! My friend went first....good news...4.2 pounds. Finally I stepped up on the scale - all smug and confident and waited for the good news. When the lady said 1 pound - wait...what??? 1 pound??? I dang near fell over. What???????? I couldn't believe my ears! I was so disappointed. All I could think of was the pizza I had foolishly passed up. Good Grief.

On the way home I thought to myself..."Thank Goodness I had gotten my hair cut the night before....if not I would have probably weighed even more"!


  1. Super cute blog, yet again. I love it. It made me smile. I'm sorry that it happened though. That always seems to be the luck. You think "Wow, I've done really good...I should've lost x amount of weight." And then, bam, it hits you...and you haven't. But muscle weighs more than fat right? :) Just know, whether you've lost none or 20 lbs, I still think that you're beautiful! Love ya!

  2. Doesn't that just stink! I could totally relate when I read your blog..I've been there and done that too! I feel like it's just a never ending thing..trying to lose weight. Oh well...I guess it could be worse! I'm glad I've found you on h here..:)